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PPN is a proud member of the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI). PPN can provide custom branded merchandising gifts, rewards and promotion products to support your company or client needs.

Why Use PPN


Your staff has been reduced. Don't limit your company's marketable services...

Using PPN professionals offers companies that experience the loss of key personnel the ability to continue operating without reducing client services. This seamless transition from in-house staff to out-sourced temporary professionals will maintain client confidence and loyalty. 


Enhance your company's marketable offerings...

Using PPN professionals gives companies a chance to compete for sales in areas previously out of reach. Opting to increase a company's offerings using the PPN team is achieved without the costly, long-term commmitment of permanent employees.


Your company survived the recession. Don't just recover... EXPAND!

Using PPN professionals, prudent managers have the ability to enter into a post-recession economy with a greater corporate presence and enhanced client services than when the recessionary economy began. Clients determine their own level and value of services they expect. Vending sources trying to anticipate these needs by modifing their in-house permanent staff risk committing resources ineffectively.

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